Group 2 Project Plan


Brittany and Calais will record the instruments and synthesizers, and help compile data. Jessica will lead in the analysis of the data.


Equipment: Vernier LabQuest 2, Vernier microphone, and Vernier Sound Level Meter (SLM-BTA).

We will primarily be investigating sound waves and the different forms they take on. Using the above equipment, we will record and analyze one tone produced by three instruments (piano, flute, and guitar). Later, we will record the same tones produced by several different synthesizers. We will analyze the data and look for distinctions in the waveforms.

For data collection we must ensure these remain constant throughout:
Same speaker system
Same room, preferably noise cancelling (a practice room in Skinner or a lab)
Same microphone/other equipment


Meeting dates and times:

Sunday Sept. 22nd  –Research synthesizers in the library

Monday Sept. 23 at 11:00 am –Record wavelengths of piano, flute, and guitar

Weekend of Sept. 28th -29th–Record synthesizer’s “piano, flute and guitar”

Sunday Sept. 29th–Compile and analyze data


Expected Outcomes:

We expect to see distinct differences in the waveforms produced by the acoustic instruments versus the synthesizers. While we predict more organic sine waves for the actual instruments, we expect to see the waves produced by the synthesizers take on square, sawtooth, or other waveforms. We will analyze these differences not only visually, but by using equations to approximate each unique waveform and mathematically compare their differences.

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  1. Avatar photoJenny Magnes

    What is the science/technology behind this project? Why do you expect different waveforms for the synthesizer versus the actual instrument? Who would be interested in seeing these results? Do you need a specific type of software to analyze or view the data?

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