How To Post

To post any sort of document or other material for your project onto your blog, follow these simple steps to do whichever task you want to complete:

To Enter a New Post:

  • click the first link under “Meta” on the homepage to go to the Dashboard
  • under the “Posts” dropbox on the left, select “Add New”
  • enter the title and text of the document you want to post
  • select your group # on the right, under the box titled “Categories”
  • scroll down and check the boxes to allow comments and trackbacks
  • near the bottom, select your username as the author of the post
  • on the right, you can add tags – relevant words to your post – that will appear on the homepage and will link to your post and other posts with the same tag
  • click “Publish,” and your post will appear under your group’s category

To Insert a Link:

  • click “Edit” on the desired post
  • in the textbox, highlight the word or phrase that you want to set as the link to your document, picture, video, website, etc.
  • click the “Insert/Edit Link” button
  • select the settings for your link
  • click “Insert,” and then click “Update” if you are editing an already existing post; if it is a new post, click “Publish” once you finish the instructions for submitting a post

To Add a Picture:

  • save the desired picture to a folder or the desktop on your computer
  • click “Edit” on the desired post
  • click the location in the textbox where you want your picture to appear
  • click the “Add Image” button next to where it says “Upload/Insert”
  • upload your picture, give it a title, a caption, alignment, size, etc.
  • click “Insert into Post” and then click “Update”
  • **Note: avoid manually moving the picture inside of the textbox; just redo the process from the beginning to get it right

To Add a Video:

  • copy the URL of the desired video (using “Ctrl”+”C”)
  • click “Edit” on the desired post
  • click the button near the textbox that says “YouTube”
  • paste the URL of your video into the appropriate space (using “Ctrl”+”V”)
  • click to insert your video into the selected post

***More Important Notes:

  • be sure to click “Update” after every edit or change you make to your posts, even minor changes
  • if you are asked to, you can also add comments to others’ posts, but the process for this is self-explanatory (ask the professor or lab assistant if you are unsure of how or when to post a comment to another student’s post