“The Storage Closet”

As the semester progresses, the Physics Department will be ordering various technological equipment that will be available to us for studying as we explore the applications of physics in modern technology. These supplies will be listed on this page as they arrive, and many of the items will be available for students to handle individually if they are not displayed in class or in a private setting.

As of March 28, 2011, students of the PHYS-180 class have access to the following devices:

• Watts Up Pro – used to measure power consumption of devices
• Temperature Sensors – record temperatures over time
• Magnetic Field Sensors – measure magnetic fields you are exposed to on campus
• Holography Kit – make your own hologram
• Video Cameras – film and analyze characteristics of technology involving lasers or other modern

In order to sign up to use any of these devices, students should see the professor outside of class time to receive the device and discuss the allowed time during which the device can be signed out.