Final Project!

Today Romi and Alli decided to start work on our final project!  Romi really liked the poem project we did a few weeks back, so we decided to do a similar video using a poem that Romi likes called Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.  We spent today practicing reading the poem out loud and we finally decided to record it together, switching off every verse.  After a few false starts (where Alli forgot to turn on the microphone and recorded three minutes of silence), we finally were able to record the whole poem on Audacity.  We also began looking for pictures that are going to go into our slideshow to illustrate the poem.  It was a little difficult because there are many words in the poem that are not real words in English (or any other language, for that matter).

We can’t wait to see what everyone else has chosen to work on for their final projects!

-Alli and Romi

Poetry Slideshow

This is our third workshop. We’ll use Final Cut Pro to put together recordings of our voices combined with images. Final Cut Pro is a professional grade video editing tool.

Objective: Participants will create narrated slideshows in Final Cut Pro.

Stage I

  1. Record yourself reading one of the three poems in Audacity.
  2. Export the .aiff file to a directory called “Poem1” in the Save Here directory. Put all your files for today there.
  3. Import the .aiff file into Final Cut Pro (hereafter called FCP).
  4. Find three images to go with your poem. Download them to your Poem1 folder.
  5. Export your FCP video as a quicktime video.
  6. Publish to YouTube or Vimeo and post to to our WordPress site, categorize it as “Poetry Slideshow”.

Stage II  – Please pick 1 OR 2 (not both).

  1. Find your own poem, record yourself reading it, and then find images to go along with it.
  2. Write your own poem, record yourself reading it, and then find images to go along with it. Add music if you like.


Audacity – I

This is our second workshop.

Audacity is a great resource for educators. It is an open-source and cross-platform audio editing program. Today, participants will record and edit short podcasts.

Objective: Participants will record and edit short podcasts in Audacity. Audacity projects can include recorded audio, sound effects and/or musical tracks. Participants will post their completed .mp3 files to our WordPress site as links or attachments.

WordPress Membership: Workshop participants who don’t have VC email will need to create an account. Manage this yourself or have Erin, Baynard or Joe help you.

Stage I

  1. Check to see if Audacity is installed. If it isn’t, download it and install it to the saved files directory from
  2. Set up your headset in the apple menu > preferences to accept USB microphone input.
  3. Check the preferences in Audacity to receive input from the USB headset.
  4. Create a one minute podcast talking about your family or the people with whom you live.
  5. Export an .mp3 version of your recording. You will need the LAME mp3 encoder.
  6. Upload the .mp3 file to WordPress.

Stage II

  1. Listen to the file you created. Edit it to make it better. Use these tutorials to help you.
  2. Find a sound effect on the web. Include it in your podcast. Replace the podcast from Stage I with your revised podcast.

 Stage III

  1. Add intro, outtro, or background music to the file you created for Stage II.
  2. Replace the podcast from Stage II with your revised podcast.

Audacity Workshop


Danni`s Bio

I would love to work for some day.Only in fall I write short stories and poems. I have been playing the violin since the fourth grade. I love to read horror novels and movies. When my sister watching romantic comedies I like to jump in and ruine the climatic moments. I am in Love with Sonic the hedgehog even though he was created before I was born. I enjoy making people laugh, even if its a random person I just met. I can never turn down a dare. Baking is my favorite pass time in the winter.


sam’s bio

hello, my nam is samantha donahue. i was born and raised in poughkeepsie. though i did live in los angeles for 3rd grade. i’m currently a freshman in high school. i am an exercise fanatic. i am currently on the poughkeepsie crew team and an avid runner. i play the violin and listening to music is my favorite hobby. some of my favorite bands are fleet foxes, sigur ros, radiohead,and the silent years. i enjoy reading and love school.

some more of my favorite songs are



scar tissue