Sharifa Daisley

Hello. My name is Sharifa if you haven’t read the title. I am fourteen and a freshman at Poughkeepsie High School. I have a sister named Zylynya and a little brother name Re-Juan. I have birds named Jos-A, Jos-B ,Jos-c ,and Jos-D. Jos-B is my favorite. My favorite teacher is Mr. Mctryner he has amazing hair. I dream of  going to Japan and Prague and Venice. I love playing the clarinet I don’t play first clarinet yet, but I will. I’m am on the Poughkeepsie Varsity Swim Team and Crew. Not so good at Crew.

Hilarious video 

Packing for a trip

Also in my spare time I try to devour numerous plates of nachos as shown in this picture.





Back For Seconds: Hanna.

Well, it’s your dear Hanna here. Everybody welcome to Digital Story Telling, numero dos . I hope you all enjoy this program, but lets get to the main point: me.

I am Hanna Saavedra, a freshman at Poughkeepsie High school. I play on the Varsity Tennis team, am involved in Gay Straight Alliance, and strive to be the awesomest bassist of my generation. I like cats, a lot. I have 3 cats, Jojo, Bella, and Peaches. My favorite color is red. I am mexican. My favorite bands are Falling in Reverse, NeverShoutNever, Asking Alexandria, and others. Yet, my most favorite band of all time is My Chemical Romance. I like to watch Regular Show and The Amazing World Of Gum ball. I also watch Adventure Time, but no too often because I start crying. I can never grow my hair past my shoulders. A few years ago my mother and I got hair cuts. I got my hair trimmed to my chin, and my mother got a really short pixie cut, I still havent cut my hair since then, yet my moms hair is now longer than mine. I also plan to be a licensed Anesthesiologist, and a bee farmer. I then want to open a Transvestite clothing shop. My favorite food is chiles rellenos. They are very spicy, but they taste awesome. I am a Redditor.

One of my favorite bassist, Cliff Burton

This is my second time at Digital Story Telling. Well, I’m leaving now. Bye!

zylynya’ s bio

Hi ,

My name is Zylynya. I’m 12 years old. I go to Poughkeepsie Middle School. I like to eat food. If i was stranded on an island I would bring matches, a filter, and canned food. My favorite color is yellow and I love to play the flute. My goal in life is to grow the longest hair in the world. When I grow up I want to be a successful chef.


pretty gold flute


i love spaghetti






the best chef in the world

All About Annissa

My nickname is Tori, even though Tori is no where near Annissa.

All my siblings nick name start with T.

I once got 100% all year in science.

I went to school in Jamaica for the first 2 years in my life .

Oxtail is my favorite dish.

The dog in that picture is the best dog ever named Lucky!

She is fierce!

I love to read.

My favorite meme is forever alone.

My favorite songs are: Too close by Alex Clare, Everybody talks by Neon Trees and Stuck like Glue by Sugarland


All About Romi

I like to swim, do archery, do gymnastics and horse back ride. My favorite music is R&B and hip hop. my favorite artis are Rihanna, Drake, Cris Brown, Cher Lloyd, Lloyd,Mindless Behavior and One Direction. What i like to do with my friends on the weekend is go to the movies. My favorite movie is the original Home Alone. One of my favorite songs  is Birthday cake br Rihanna. This is another one of my favorite songs Want you Back by Cher Lloyd.

Joe’s Bio


My name is Joe Karpman and I am a senior History major here at Vassar.  I took the Digital Literacies course last year and it was such a good experience that I’m back again to help out.

A bit about me:  I’m one of the Captains of the Vassar Men’s Rugby Team and rugby is by far my greatest passion.  Upon graduation I’m looking to go into coaching and athletic administration.

If theres anything else you’d like to know feel free to ask (I’m not as intimidating as I look!).




I’m in ninth grade at Poughkeepsie High School and my favorite subject is Global History. My favorite show is Death Note, my favorite color is red. I did this program last year, and I worked with a girl named Michelle and we made a story we named “E.V.R.”

My favorite song: 

Rocio’s bio


I’m Rocio, and a student at Vassar. I’m working on an English Major. I am originally from New Jersey. Parts of New Jersey are somewhat rural, so occasionally I go hiking on trails. I am currently learning how to embroider, although I don’t have a lot of time now that classes began. I also love funny movies, and I bake a lot when I am back home, especially with my sister and best friend. My bestie recently moved to Paris, so we don’t get to spend a lot of time together anymore. I can’t wait to go visit her soon.




Edith’s Bio

Here’s a picture of me in Savannah, Georgia. This past spring, I drove my car from Miami, FL to Portland, ME with my friend from Bermuda. We stopped everywhere along the way. Savannah was by far my favorite place. I loved the houses there and I especially love Pralines.

Coffee down by the river

Alli’s Bio

Hi! I’m Alli and I’m a senior at Vassar. I’m a French major and a studio art minor.  Eventually I want to teach English as a foreign language in a French-speaking country. I’m originally from Long Island, NY. Right now I live in an apartment with four of my friends. I love to cook and listen to music. This is me with an adorable dog (he belongs to my friend):


Here is something I love!

This is what I listen to when I cook dinner every night.

This is my favorite thing to cook (and my friends’ favorite thing to eat)

Morgan’s Bio

My name is Morgan, and I am a junior at Vassar.  I am majoring in math, but I also love studying other subjects, especially biology and other sciences. I am originally from New Jersey where I live with my mom, my dad, my brother, Kendal, and our dog, Walnut.  When I’m not studying, I enjoy playing the piano and the oboe.  I also love to read!  I’m learning to cook all my meals for myself and so far I learned how to make scrambled eggs, pasta, and baked potatoes!