Misery Plagues

Well, its Hanna here. Today, Joe and i decided on the plot of our final project. I can’t tell you too much, but its going to have Misery. Even though I can tell you, I promise some of you will understand soon enough. That’s all I have for today.




Cat Vibrissa

Hanna here, today, I learned how to make an animated cartoon! It was epic! It was about an orange cat who disappears. I used this app that animates your drawings. Well, thats it.


By that way, did you know Vibrissa



is a synonym for cat whiskers??

Your Daily Dose of Hanna.

Today all I did was review everyone’s podcasts, and I must say I was pleased with what I heard. All your stories were ravishing! Some people talked into the mic too hard, I’m not going to say names (Tori). Hmmmmm, I guess that’s it. Enjoy this picture of what I am going to be for Halloween.

The devilishly handsom, Jigsaw.

Back For Seconds: Hanna.

Well, it’s your dear Hanna here. Everybody welcome to Digital Story Telling, numero dos . I hope you all enjoy this program, but lets get to the main point: me.

I am Hanna Saavedra, a freshman at Poughkeepsie High school. I play on the Varsity Tennis team, am involved in Gay Straight Alliance, and strive to be the awesomest bassist of my generation. I like cats, a lot. I have 3 cats, Jojo, Bella, and Peaches. My favorite color is red. I am mexican. My favorite bands are Falling in Reverse, NeverShoutNever, Asking Alexandria, and others. Yet, my most favorite band of all time is My Chemical Romance. I like to watch Regular Show and The Amazing World Of Gum ball. I also watch Adventure Time, but no too often because I start crying. I can never grow my hair past my shoulders. A few years ago my mother and I got hair cuts. I got my hair trimmed to my chin, and my mother got a really short pixie cut, I still havent cut my hair since then, yet my moms hair is now longer than mine. I also plan to be a licensed Anesthesiologist, and a bee farmer. I then want to open a Transvestite clothing shop. My favorite food is chiles rellenos. They are very spicy, but they taste awesome. I am a Redditor.

One of my favorite bassist, Cliff Burton

This is my second time at Digital Story Telling. Well, I’m leaving now. Bye!