Zylynya’s Scary Story

The autumn leaves crunched when the kids stepped on them. They all came back from school. It was a long day for them because school is a long day for every kid.

“I’m so bored”, said Merle. “What should we do today?”

Merle was a funny kid. He loved making jokes and pulling pranks. He had brown hair and light green eyes.

“Lets get pizza”, said Eric.

“I’m out of money”, Cole said.

“So am I”, Gil added.

As they walked the narrow path to their unknown destination they stopped at a beautiful house. It looked like a castle.

“Wow, I wonder what this house is here for”, Eric said with amazement. “Its my family’s house.”

Eric, Cole, and Merle looked at Gil with disbelief.

“You’re lying”, all said in unison. “I’m telling the truth, I can call my parents and ask them about it. I don’t know much about the house and I’ve never been in it. I think an old dead relative gave it to us.”

Too bad we didn’t know the person.

“Yeah I would love to have a rich relative”, said Cole with jealousy in his voice.

“Lets go inside and see it for ourselves”, Merle announced trying to sound like a rich snob.

“I agree”, Gil said. “There is nothing to do anyway.”

All four ran to the wooden door gleaming with joy that they had a house to explore.

“Last one there gets to smell Eric’s shoe”, merle said.

“ I don’t think we should do this”, Eric said doubtfully.

Eric was a soft-spoken person that had yellow-brownish eyes and jet-black hair.

“I dare you to open the door”, Cole said holding two dollars in his hand. As they were bickering about if Cole would really give them two dollars to open the door Gil just opened it.

“I really thought that the door would be locked”, Gil said with a surprise.

They all walked in hesitantly. It was so big inside. As big as a Wal-mart or a museum. In front of the boys were beautiful stairs that looked like they were carved with marble.

Gil put one foot on the first stair and Cole and Merle followed him up the stairs. Eric was not so amazed by the house and told them that they should leave. The three boys brushed him off and opened the door at the top of the stairs.

Eric ran up the stairs like someone was chasing him and bumped into the pack of three. “Watch where your going man”, Merle said annoyed.

Eric was going to say sorry but was to stunned with the beauty that lied ahead of him. It was a room filled with different paintings, pictures and art.

 But what really caught their eyes was a picture of a man. The picture frame was as big as a mini movie theater screen. It looked so life like. Almost like it was taken from a camera.

The painting was a picture of Gils relative that died. He was a large man. His name was Roger Pillmey. It was funny because Gil’s last name was Headkin.

“Hey isn’t your last name Headkin”, Eric said still staring at the picture.

“Yeah it is”, Gil said.

Gil then turned his head to see more of the paintings and sculptures. The three followed Gil and looked around with him. They again bumped into each other. Gil stopped to see what was in front of him. It was a door. It led down stairs and into another door.

The door looked old. They all felt more uneasey about it. Unlike the rest, Cole started to have interest about the house. When Cole reached for the door he was stopped by Eric. Eric had fear in his eyes. Cole still opened it. When the door opened the four jumped back like some one was going to jump out.  It was dark.

“Try to find a switch”, Merle said walking in first.

“Why would this light turn on? No one lives here remember”, murmured Eric.

As they all walked in a light brightened up the room. Gil looked at Eric and snickered at him. The room looked like it belonged in a horror movie.   It was obsolete and the light was dull. It flickered like a flame moved to make dancing shadows. There was a switch connected to a wall and right next to it was a small rectangle door opened just enough to see some of what was inside.

“Dare me to pull the switch. I’ll pull it”, Merle teases about pulling it.

“I don’t think you should pull it. I agree you shouldn’t”, the three tell Merle. Merle ignores everyone and reaches for the switch but is stopped when Eric, Gil, and Cole pull him back and they try to leave the room. Merle find his way out of the three guys hands and pulls the switch. In a split second the lights flicker and everything begins to shake. “Look what you did”, Eric shouted panicked.

“I didn’t think nothing would happen”, Merle said.

Misery Plagues

Well, its Hanna here. Today, Joe and i decided on the plot of our final project. I can’t tell you too much, but its going to have Misery. Even though I can tell you, I promise some of you will understand soon enough. That’s all I have for today.




Making a Story

Hey guys,

Today we are continuing to work on the suspenseful story. We decided to work on the introduction to the story, and have it end on a cliffhanger. We also decided to use the blog for our story, and this will include the written story itself, the pictures that inspired the story, and a brief podcast with the beginning sentences of the story read aloud.



Hey guys,

I’m making a story, and I think it’s going to be awesome.

Here’s what I’m working on now, we’re still editing, and writing.

-Group walking around

-They see the haunted house

-One says their family owns the house, although he has never seen the inside of the house

-They go to the front door

-Walk in

-See Beautiful stairs and how beautiful the house is inside

-Walk up the stairs

-Open a door

-Go into a room with a big picture

-The picture was of the relative who owned the house and left it to the persons family

the autumn leafs crunched when the kids stepped on them. They all came back from school. It was a long day for them. Im so bored, said merle what should we do today? Merle was a tall and funny kid. He loved to make jokes and pull pranks. He had brown hair and light green eyes. Let’s get pizza, saideric. Im out of money, cole said. So am I , cole added.



Hey its Tarryn and Tori,

Today we have been working on our final project. Tori(ME) wrote a fictional story about a mystical land using images around campus.

Tori finished writing and proofreading the story and next week we’re bound to record.
Be excited!

Final Project!

Today Romi and Alli decided to start work on our final project!  Romi really liked the poem project we did a few weeks back, so we decided to do a similar video using a poem that Romi likes called Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.  We spent today practicing reading the poem out loud and we finally decided to record it together, switching off every verse.  After a few false starts (where Alli forgot to turn on the microphone and recorded three minutes of silence), we finally were able to record the whole poem on Audacity.  We also began looking for pictures that are going to go into our slideshow to illustrate the poem.  It was a little difficult because there are many words in the poem that are not real words in English (or any other language, for that matter).

We can’t wait to see what everyone else has chosen to work on for their final projects!

-Alli and Romi