Audacity – I

This is our second workshop.

Audacity is a great resource for educators. It is an open-source and cross-platform audio editing program. Today, participants will record and edit short podcasts.

Objective: Participants will record and edit short podcasts in Audacity. Audacity projects can include recorded audio, sound effects and/or musical tracks. Participants will post their completed .mp3 files to our WordPress site as links or attachments.

WordPress Membership: Workshop participants who don’t have VC email will need to create an account. Manage this yourself or have Erin, Baynard or Joe help you.

Stage I

  1. Check to see if Audacity is installed. If it isn’t, download it and install it to the saved files directory from
  2. Set up your headset in the apple menu > preferences to accept USB microphone input.
  3. Check the preferences in Audacity to receive input from the USB headset.
  4. Create a one minute podcast talking about your family or the people with whom you live.
  5. Export an .mp3 version of your recording. You will need the LAME mp3 encoder.
  6. Upload the .mp3 file to WordPress.

Stage II

  1. Listen to the file you created. Edit it to make it better. Use these tutorials to help you.
  2. Find a sound effect on the web. Include it in your podcast. Replace the podcast from Stage I with your revised podcast.

 Stage III

  1. Add intro, outtro, or background music to the file you created for Stage II.
  2. Replace the podcast from Stage II with your revised podcast.

Audacity Workshop