I’M BACK!!!!!!

So after my really long break. So sorry Lexi. I have decided to make a video about my dream I had a year ago. What’s it about. I cannot tell whatsoever, but it’s gonna be amazing. I have a bunch of cool pictures to describe the experiences the of the ending of humanity. AND now a video song by OF MONSTERS OF MEN.


Digital Story

Here is my digital storytelling assignment!

My name is Lexi Diamond, and I am a senior at Vassar College. I am studying music, drama, and education, and love pretty much anything that involves people and/or stories. I am originally from Los Angeles, California, where it does not snow. Needless to say, Poughkeepsie has been quite a transition, but it has been one that I have embraced whole-heartedly, and often dressed in more layers than I would have ever expected!