Final Project!

Today Romi and Alli decided to start work on our final project!  Romi really liked the poem project we did a few weeks back, so we decided to do a similar video using a poem that Romi likes called Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.  We spent today practicing reading the poem out loud and we finally decided to record it together, switching off every verse.  After a few false starts (where Alli forgot to turn on the microphone and recorded three minutes of silence), we finally were able to record the whole poem on Audacity.  We also began looking for pictures that are going to go into our slideshow to illustrate the poem.  It was a little difficult because there are many words in the poem that are not real words in English (or any other language, for that matter).

We can’t wait to see what everyone else has chosen to work on for their final projects!

-Alli and Romi

Alli’s Bio

Hi! I’m Alli and I’m a senior at Vassar. I’m a French major and a studio art minor.  Eventually I want to teach English as a foreign language in a French-speaking country. I’m originally from Long Island, NY. Right now I live in an apartment with four of my friends. I love to cook and listen to music. This is me with an adorable dog (he belongs to my friend):


Here is something I love!

This is what I listen to when I cook dinner every night.

This is my favorite thing to cook (and my friends’ favorite thing to eat)

Alli’s Digital Story: All About Me!

Hi there! I’m Alli and I’m a senior at Vassar.  I’m a French major with an art correlate. I love to cook and listen to music. I live in an apartment with 4 of my friends and I love to make dinner for all of us every night.  I’m originally from Long Island where I live with my mom, my brother and my sister.  Last year, I spent a semester in Paris where I studied art history and french literature.  After I graduate, I want to be able to teach English as a foreign language so that I can be able to travel and teach english to kids in different countries.  Here is a short video about me: (don’t judge too harshly!)

All About Alli from Alli Rossetti on Vimeo.