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Group 7 Abstract

Our group is going to measure the amount of radiation that is emitted from various foods that are consumed frequently. We will begin by selecting foods that are known to emit radiation on a measurable scale. Furthermore, it will be determined how much radioactive food must be consumed in order for one to develop acute radiation syndrome.

The effects of a variety of sounds on the human ear (G3 Abstract)

The purpose of this study is to determine which common activities expose students to sounds that lead to hearing damage. A Vernier labquest pro sound level meter will be used to measure the amplitudes of various sounds students encounter on a daily basis. Data will be collected by three students with different schedules – several activities will overlap, so that there will be more data on particular activities of interest. Some of these activities include: studying in the library, going to a concert, studying in a dorm, a walk around campus, meals at The Retreat, and meals at ACDC. The data will be compared to amplitude levels that have been shown to contribute to hearing loss.

Group 3 members: Phelan Arata, Hannah Fenton, and Christopher Alba.

Group Six Project Abstract

We will be researching the effectiveness of three different “smart” technologies: a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop. We will be conducting different tests which compare each device with regards to energy consumption, cost effectiveness, battery life, and temperature fluctuations. These tests will include, but are not limited to: running different apps, using the internet, powering on/off, and charging.




(1)   \begin{equation*} E=\frac{v}{d} \end{equation*}