Scientists take the streets!

On April 22 2017 scientists and supporters of science took to the streets in a global rally, the March for Science.  Hundreds of thousands marched and participated in events in 600 different cities all over the world to show support for the vital role of science in a democratic and just society and express concern over policies to defund and delegitimize scientific research. Scientists are not typically political activists, so this unprecedented event may signal a shift in the scientific ethos, to one in which scientists see their role extend beyond generating data and new knowledge, but look more to how that knowledge is applied in policy.

I was honored to lead a team of volunteers in organizing a satellite MfS right here in Poughkeepsie, which drew about 1300 people! The march culminated in a Science Teach-in, at which local researchers, amateur scientists,  and organizations mixed with the crowd, discussed topics in science, presented displays, and held activities for folks of all ages.