Group 17 Project Plan – Nuclear Energy and Measuring Radiation Effects

Kento: Will gather and research published data on radiation levels
Andrew: Will gather information about standardized levels of normal radiation that are deemed safe, dangerous, or lethal and compare it to the published known radiation level data sets
David: Will conduct an experiment to see how radiation levels are measured and explain the functions behind it.

Science and Technology Involved: We will be taking a close look at the process of creating nuclear power, which involves 1) controlled (non-explosive) nuclear reactions. When producing nuclear energy, nuclear fission reactions heat water and produce steam, creating electricity. As the nuclear plant explosion in Fukushima has shown, there are times when this process of creating energy can be harmful to humans and the environment. We want to study the radiation levels that are associated when there is a failure of the cooling systems, resulting in a nuclear emergency.

Activity Plan: Our data will consist of radiation reports by Tepco, The Tokyo Electric Power Company, who publishes and monitors radiation levels from its failing power stations. We will also seek to report radiation levels that exist in surrounding areas, including the land and water, in an effort to learn more about the relative exposure levels and its effects. We also plan to conduct an experiment using the lab at Vassar College to better understand how radiation measurement works.

Data on daily radiation exposure levels at Fukushima Power Plant:

Our meeting times will be on Monday at 1:00 p.m. and Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m.

Outcomes: We assume that due to the concentration to radiation levels in close proximity to the plant, exposure levels will be most significant there and expand as radiation continues to leak. We want to compare these radiation levels in Fukushima with what is deemed as safe/dangerous/lethal and make predictions about the effects on the people situated in and around the power plant now.

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