Group 11 Project Plan


Carolyn will research the HAARP facility’s research on the creation of atmospheric auroras. She will write a summary of the physics of HAARP’s experiments with radio waves on the ionosphere, and will create a 3D animation of the creation of an aurora to illustrate the physics of the process. Kenny will research the electromagnetic waves that HAARP produces and their effect on the weather and geophysical events. Specifically, he will explore the conspiracy theorists’ claims that HAARP has been used to generate recent earthquakes. He will also look at how HAARP is portrayed in the media and whether the portrayal is accurate.

Tech Involved

Carolyn will use Autodesk Maya to create the 3D animation. Kenny will research the properties of electromagnetic waves, resonance frequency, and the science of earthquakes

The HAARP facility uses 360 radio transmitters and 180 antennas to produce radio waves that are absorbed between 100 and 350 km altitude.

Activity Plan

We will meet every Friday at 12:30 to consolidate our research and writings. We will communicate by email during the week and use Google Docs to compile our writing in the cloud. We will use research from credible sources, such as scientific journals and textbooks, and Kenny will examine the conspiracies surrounding HAARP that are on the internet and in the media.


Carolyn’s research and animation should clearly demonstrate how HAARP’s precisely-controlled radio waves can produce visible auroras in the ionosphere. Kenny predicts that the power of the ELF waves that HAARP produce have been greatly exaggerated by conspiracy theorists and that HAARP has not been used to generate earthquakes.

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