Project Plan


Robin– Robin will be the actor in the film, and will also write the theme song for the presentation. The theme song will be a light-hearted take discussing lasers and laser science. Bianca– Bianca will be the cinematographer and the editor of the film.  We will co-write the script, and also both conduct the necessary research.


Lasers will, unsurprisingly, play a main role as the technology within our film. The science behind how lasers can cause injury to body parts and why one should not play around with lasers will also be covered. Video editing software will be used for Bianca’s role in the project, and music editing software will be used for my portion of the project.

Activity Plan:

We will first write the script together, with filming occurring after we finish the script. The theme song’s lyrics will be written after the script is complete, but while the movie is being filmed and edited; the musical part will be constructed beforehand.  The finished product will be a refined, produced short film highlighting why one shouldn’t play around lasers (along with why messing around with anything potentially dangerous is a bad, bad idea).


We hope that this project will be highly educational and teach the class about lasers and laser safety, while also being entertaining, interesting, and hopefully funny. Hopefully.

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