Data for Magnetic Fields of Televisions

The data was obtained at Best Buy In Poughkeepsie, NY.

How the televisions were measured:

There were two settings on the magnetic field probe. Both settings were used.



High vs Low


On each of the two settings, I took the magnetic field [in micro-Teslas] in three different postions for the 32″ and the 40″-42″, and only two of the postions for the 55″ and the 80″.

Parallel to the screen:

Paralle to Screen

Perpendicular to the screen:

Perpendicular to Screen

Parallel to the frame:

Parallel to frame

Using the Vernier LabQuest, I obtained a 10 second reading of each position. From the graph, I picked the average of the reading.


The following data show the results and averages.



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  1. Avatar photoJenny Magnes

    Were these TV’s flat screen, plasma, LCD? It would be interesting to see for your conclusion what are the acceptable levels for magnetic fields? Were these TV’s even emitting magnetic fields or were you measuring mostly the Earth’s magnetic field?

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