Sharifa Daisley

Hello. My name is Sharifa if you haven’t read the title. I am fourteen and a freshman at Poughkeepsie High School. I have a sister named Zylynya and a little brother name Re-Juan. I have birds named Jos-A, Jos-B ,Jos-c ,and Jos-D. Jos-B is my favorite. My favorite teacher is Mr. Mctryner he has amazing hair. I dream of ¬†going to Japan and Prague and Venice. I love playing the clarinet I don’t play first clarinet yet, but I will. I’m am on the Poughkeepsie Varsity Swim Team and Crew. Not so good at Crew.

Hilarious video 

Packing for a trip

Also in my spare time I try to devour numerous plates of nachos as shown in this picture.





8 thoughts on “Sharifa Daisley

  1. You forgot to capitalize the C in Jos-C. I will trade you a bucket of fried chicken for Jos-D.

    • I played Clarinet too! (I never got close to first clarinet. In fact, I couldn’t even see first clarinet from where I was sitting).

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