Project Plan

All will be present during the experiment and will help with the song.  However, Sean and Peter will play a larger role in interpreting the data into results and Kristen will play a larger role in interpreting the results into song.

Science/Technology Involved
We will be doing a spectrophotometric analysis on a variety of alcoholic beverages.  This analysis will show us the variable wavelength absorbances of the compounds in each solution.  It will display which wavelengths are more efficiently absorbed by the drink.

Activity plan
Within the next week we will meet in the lab and use the spectrophotometer to run our experiment.  Within the week after that we will meet together at least twice to go over results and translate them into song, and also to rehearse the song.

Expected Outcome/Data
We expect the color to have an effect on the data, as well as specific compounds found in the drinks.

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