Group 6 Project Plan

We are going to work with cell phones, microwaves, laptop computers, and mp3 players, along with other possible technological devices. Different misconceptions about each item will be researched/tested for validity. Data collection for some experiments can be taken with the megawatt pro. We will also be using the video camcorder to record a short, creative film capturing our findings from these debunked myths. All group members will play as actors in the film and will also work closely on the script; all members will also be involved in researching to prove/disprove the myths. Michael will record. We expect a majority of Vassar students to be aware of the falsity of these common misconceptions. Dates for meetings TBA.

Some possible myths to be tested:

  • Cell phones- cause brain cancer; interfere with medical equipment in hospitals
  • Microwaves- give off unsafe levels of radiation
  • Laptop computer- turning off computer vs. keeping it asleep; keeping charger plugged in runs down battery; is it best to run down a battery before charging
  • Mp3 Players- linked to cancer

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