Baba :- Research how holographic data storage works. i.e. The mechanics behind holographic data storage.

Hanke :- Possible applications concerning consumer, military or government utilization.

Dave :- Environmental, economic and energy impact.


The technology involved is the manipulation of lasers with mirrors to record large quantities of data om external storage devices. Holographic data storage devices also require lasers to project and read the data stored within. Computer technology/science will also be explored since lasers are used to encode information onto memory objects. We will also explore ,military technology and it’s involvement with holographic data storage. Because holography is based on a lot of physics we will explain the theories and laws governing the mechanisms of holography.


We will meet every Monday and Friday from 4pm to 5pm. At each meeting we will discuss and co,pile our individual research and assign tasks for the coming week. we will  look up recent journal articles for recent advancements and use other books to research holography. We will interview a Vassar professor in the physics department who has extensive knowledge on the physics/lasers proponents of holographic data storage. We will also interview a Vassar professor in the computer science department who has extensive knowledge on the computer mechanics of holographic data storage.


To understand the role of holographic data storage in the future of technology. We want to know if it is feasible to use in the public and private sectors.

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