Project Plan

For my project, I plan on using the magnetic probe to take the magnetic field of various sizes and brands of televisions. I will take the measurements using three different positions: flat and horizontal on the screen, flat and vertical to the screen, and perpendicular to the screen. Then I will compare these values to the different brands and sizes, while also observing whether these three different methods result in contrasting readings or minor error. I plan to use popular name brands, as well as store brands: Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG, Vizio and Insignia. And in regards to size I will analyze the three most popular sizes: 32″, 40″/42″, and 55″. The study will be conducted at Best Buy since they have the largest assortment of televisions.

Of interest in my project is whether the various ranges from these televisions could possibly cause harm to someone with a heart pacer. Is it safe for someone with a heart pacer to be in the same room or vicinity of these products? If yes, what would be considered the best distance? What I expect to observe is for the larger screen televisions to be more harmful the smaller screen televisions, but am unaware of what to expect in regards to brands.

Since I am the sole person in the group, I do not have concrete meeting times. However, I will begin to collect data this week.

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