Group 3 Project Plan: The effects of a variety of sounds on the human ear


All group members are responsible for collecting data, as well as posting information on the blog regarding their data. They will also input data onto a spreadsheet for the entire group to see.

List of equipment and supplies:

We will be using a sound meter to measure the amplitude of the sound waves we are exposed to.

What is the science/technology involved?

Sound meters use microphones to detect sound waves and measure the properties (amplitude, frequency, etc) of these waves.

Activity plan (how will you take your data, what equipment will you use). Include dates and meeting times.

Each group member will have their own sound meter. The members will then record the sounds they encounter throughout the week of February 16th. Such sounds will include music through speakers/computer, music through headphones, conversations through cell phones, orchestra concerts, class lectures, crowded dining halls (both ACDC and The Retreat), Villard room party, noise heard through dorm walls/doors, and Vassar’s Infant Toddler Center. Whenever possible, each type of sound will be recorded by at least two different group members for comparison. Throughout the week, group members will add their data to the group’s spreadsheet. At the end of the week (February 22nd), the group will decide (via email) whether more data needs to be taken. The group will meet to discuss and analyze data on February 23rd.

What outcome(s)/data do you expect? Why?

We expect to find consistent, but not identical, data between group members for each activity, since the activities should produce around the same amplitude of sound. Any individual differences may be due to the use of different equipment or to minor, uncontrollable variables. We also expect to find that some activities have a sound amplitude that can be dangerous over extended periods of time, whereas others are harmless.

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  1. Avatar photoJenny Magnes

    It will be interesting to find out what sound levels we are exposed to on a daily basis. How will you decide if the sound level is harmful to the human ear? Exactly what equipment will you use? Give make and model.

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