Group Two Project Abstract

Our group will be constructing a device to translate sound waves into a visual representation. The device consists of a cup with a balloon stretched over one end, with a laser pointing at a mirror taped onto the outside of the balloon. As sound waves enter one end of the cup, this causes the balloon to vibrate, and reflects the light respectively.

Each person will test the device on one of three categories of sounds: differences in human voices, musical instruments, and live concerts.  We will gather the decibel level of the sound waves to see what effect this has on the size of the laser projection. We will also be filming the resulting laser projections to compare the visual data.

We plan to meet on Sundays to take data and conduct specific experiments. In addition, we will attend live concerts on campus to gather this data. We expect to find distinct patterns relating to differences in sound type and origin. We also expect that the decibel level will correspond to the size of the visuals.

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