Group One Project Proposal

Our group has decided to measure the \alpha, \beta, and \gamma radiation levels in buildings around Vassar College’s campus, although the possible type of radiation detection depends on the availability of appropriate sensors. In particular, we plan to focus on the comparison of radiation levels to the age of the building in question. We know that Sanders Physics has historically had \gamma┬áradiation contamination that was only recently discovered, and we want to explore the possibility that such contamination may exist in other buildings. We will use the SensorDrone sensor, along with other radiation measuring devices to take our readings, and once collected, we will compare our results to federal standards for acceptable radiation levels.


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  1. Avatar photoJenny Magnes

    Your project will be interesting regarding radiation safety and Vassar’s history. It would be interesting to interview some of the physics and astronomy professors, who have been at Vassar for several decades. Research if we have measuring devices for alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

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