Group 10 Abstract/Plan..

I plan on using a GPS around campus going on a specific path first walking, and then bicycling. I will do this to measure altitude, speed, and distance throughout the campus. After collecting data, I plan to make some kind of artistic representation of the information. I would do this to make some kind of graph on top of a map using different colors to indicate various things. I would also want to include walking around various buildings, so i will most likely sketch those buildings as well and make  a graph over that as well.

2 thoughts on “Group 10 Abstract/Plan..

  1. rebacker

    I think this is a really interesting project that produced very useful results. The maps you would created with your GPS probably are of high interest to the student body, especially me. I’m always wondering which path to take from point A to point B. Your maps would help illuminate not only what would be the quickest route but also which route would be relatively easier in terms of changing altitude. I know if I’m riding a bike or carrying a heavy load, i’ll want to follow the path that remains relatively flat as oppose to the path that varies in altitude. Otherwise I would want to take the path that is shortest. Your maps would help ease students traveling across campus.

  2. gizaccheo

    This project seems to have taken a pretty broad approach to GPS measurements on campus—the comparative aspect, walking vs. biking, is definitely of interest, as Vassar is a very bike-friendly campus. It would be interesting to see how a representation of GPS coordinates would change given different paths around campus, as many places on campus are nevertheless inaccessible by bike and could only be visited when walking through campus. It would also be interesting to see the GPS mapping for car paths around campus, given that car traffic is obviously much more restricted than either bicycle or pedestrian traffic.

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