August 26, 2020

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EDUC 282, Community Schools Research and Practice, Spring 2022

INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Jaime Del Razo

THEMATIC CLUSTER: Education/ Literacy; Social justice


Using schools as hubs, community schools bring educators, families, and community partners together to offer a range of opportunities, supports, and services to children, youth as well as their families and communities. This intensive  focuses on learning about and conducting a PAR (participatory action research) project with a community school district, Ossining Union Free School District (OUFSD.)


The course was planned by the instructor starting in 2019 in response to a need articulated by the OUFSD. The OUFSD were interested in evaluating the various Extended Learning Outcomes and Adult Education programs that they had to offer on and off campus, and how, if at all, do the students and their families/parents/guardians support and encourage involvement in said programs. In response, the instructor developed a research question with the community organization and has been coordinating with OUFSD since 2019 to envision, plan, execute, analyze, write and present the report. 


PARTNER: Ossining Union Free School District



CREDIT VALUE: 1.0 unit

FUNDS REQUESTED FOR: Course materials and supplies; Travel;  Conference fees. 



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