August 25, 2020

For Faculty

What is a CEIH Intensive?

In keeping with the spirit of the Intensives, the Mellon-CEIH initiative invites faculty to explore ideas, opportunities, and potential collaborations with community organizations to develop community-engaged intensives in the Humanities. (The Humanities includes arts, languages, humanistic social sciences, and multidisciplinary collaborations.) 

Community-Engaged Intensives in the Humanities are envisioned as innovative learning opportunities that will complement more traditional courses by extending the humanities beyond the classroom into faculty-mentored experiences that require a high level of student agency and independence.

Instructors are invited to develop Intensives to fit their own areas of expertise, to respond to student interests and project proposals, and to address specific community needs and opportunities as articulated by community members.  Please click here for a ” toolkit” for developing a community-engaged intensive in the Humanities.

An invitation

Faculty are invited to apply for funding to explore ideas for community-engaged intensives or to develop and implement community-engaged Intensives. Melon – CEIH funding is available for two kinds of proposals:

“EXPLORATORY” — Preliminary ideas and/or proposals that have not been submitted to CCP. This can take the form of doing research on a topic, meeting with local organizations to understand local needs and interests, or attending conferences and other professional development opportunities with community partners before faculty develop an intensive. Instructors can also work with students placed in an organization over the summer to develop a potential syllabus or bibliography.

“DEVELOPED”— Intensive proposals that have been submitted to and/or approved by CCP. These typically fund the development and implementation of an intensive.


  • Travel and Conferences
  • Trainings and Workshops
  • Honoraria for guest speakers
  • Faculty stipends for Intensive work over the summer
  • Research materials
  • Stipend for student in collaboration with the Community Fellows program
  • Supplies and Curricular costs (only for “Developed Proposals”)





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