Engaged Scholarship Symposium, Swarthmore College

6th Annual Engaged Scholarship Symposium | April 11-13, 2022

Logo for Engaged Scholarship SymposiumJoin the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility for our 6th Annual Engaged Scholarship Symposium.

Each day will convene a group of scholars and practitioners around a specific theme:

April 11 — Place-Based Restorative Justice 
Participating institutions: Pennsylvania College of Technology, University of Pittsburgh, Swarthmore College

April 12 — Faculty-Led Innovations in Engaged Scholarship 
Participating institutions: Cornell University, Penn State University, Swarthmore College

April 13 — Decolonization and Indigenous Knowledges 
Participating institutions: Blackfeet Community College, University of Kansas, Swarthmore College

Register at: https://bit.ly/ESS_22

Full program available at: https://bit.ly/ESSymposium2022

Any questions: please contact Nimesh Ghimire at nghimir1@swarthmore.edu