August 26, 2020

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[CLCS/HIST] 281, Fundamentals of Grant Writing, Spring 2020

INSTRUCTOR: Professor Rebecca Edwards

THEMATIC CLUSTER: Grantsmanship, Fundraising, Non-Profits


Writing effective grant applications is a valuable skill in many fields, including the scholarly world, the arts, the non-profit sector, community organizing, and government. In this intensive, students gained familiarity with tools for grant research. They studied model grant applications and tracked current trends in government and philanthropic funding, through readings and through discussions with local leaders. Each student partnered with a local agency to define needs, research funding sources, and draft and revise a grant proposal on the agency’s behalf.


Instructor saw a need in the local community for support with grant writing. Instructor consulted with OCEL in the year before the intensive was offered to discuss the feasibility of their idea and to brainstorm ideas for possible community partners. OCEL and the instructor developed a list of possible community organizations and discussed possible formats for the intensive. Instructor consulted with Department chair, developed an intensive description in consultation with OCEL, and submitted it to CCP. Intensive was advertised in the Department of the instructor and students registered for it during Pre-Reg. Instructor communicated with and met with community organizations prior to the start of the semester to discuss expectations. Partners were also invited to a training session with the Foundation Center during the semester and an event with philanthropist, Peter Buffet. 


Helped to identify possible partners. Learned about student interests and “matched” them with partner organizations. 


East Coast AthleticsThe Poughkeepsie Mother’s ProjectDay One Early Learning CommunityWork Works Inc.EPIC (Engaging People In Change)Poughkeepsie Youth TheatreExodus Transitional Community, Inc., Rebuilding Our Children and Community, Inc. (ROCC)Vassar Haiti Project


Students met with their partner organization in person once for an initial introduction and then again for a tour of the non-profit facilities. (In the Covid-limited version, in fall 2020, this was virtual.) Students maintained communication with their partner throughout the intensive. The students met with the professor weekly for presentation and discussion as a class. Each student also met with the professor individually for multiple consultations.




  • Foundation Center Workshop
  • A Concert & Conversation with Peter Buffett
  • Purchase of books for students and partner organizations
  • Transportation for students
  • Purchase of food for students
  • Catering for Peter Buffett event


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