December 21, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I apply for funding for an exploratory proposal if I am unsure whether or not it will develop into an intensive?

Yes, you can use the funding to explore an idea for an intensive. We understand that not all exploratory ideas will develop into intensives.

2. I have received funding for an exploratory proposal. I’m now ready to implement my intensive. Can I apply for funding again?  

Yes, please do so! Please submit a request for funding with a “Developed Proposal.”

3. I have some funds left over from funding towards my exploratory grant. Can I “roll them over” to fund the implementation of my intensive.

No you cannot roll over the funds. Please submit another application to implement your intensive.

4. Can I apply more than once?

Yes! We hope that instructors will build long-term partnerships with local organizations.

5. I have been awarded funding. What’s next?

You will be given the specific work tags created for your award to use to access your funds through Workday.

6. How do I pay my guest speakers?

  • Please request your speaker to register as a “Vassar College Supplier.”  Information for how to do so can be found here.
  • Please ask your speaker to send you an invoice. Alternatively, in lieu of an invoice, please use your invitational communication to the speaker and their acceptance in writing.
  • Once your speaker is registered as a supplier, please initiate a “supplier invoice” to initiate payment. Please use the grant tags provided.
  • Any questions: please contact the Grants Office.

7. What are the deadlines to apply? 

  • We have a rolling deadline. Apply when you’re ready! Please contact
8. Any other questions?
Please contact Elizabeth Cannon at