October 27, 2020

Exploratory Proposals


In keeping with the spirit of the Intensives, the Mellon-CEIH initiative provides space and resources for pedagogical and curricular exploration. In addition to providing support for the implementation of intensives, we also invite faculty to submit “exploratory” proposals. These can focus on community partnership development, pedagogical and curricular exploration, professional development opportunities, or collaboration with a student to develop a syllabus or bibliography.  

Please note that proposing an exploratory project is not a commitment to offer an intensive in an upcoming semester. We  recognize that curricular innovation may be a longer-term project.

Exploratory proposals are preliminary ideas and/ or intensive proposals that have not been submitted to CCP. For examples of proposals, please scroll below:

  1. “Memorial Activism” with Celebrating the African Spirit, Prof. Katherine Hite
  2. “Community-Based Research” with Poughkeepsie Children’s Cabinet, Prof. Erin McCloskey
  3. “Court Watch” with End New Jim Crow Action Network, Prof. Jeff Schneider

If you are interested in applying with an exploratory proposal, please click here.


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