September 1, 2020

How to Apply

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Please contact Elizabeth Cannon at if you are interested.

In keeping with the spirit of the intensives, the CEIH initiative seeks to encourage innovative pedagogical practices.

We invite faculty to submit proposals that are either preliminary ideas or fully developed intensives. CEIH funding is available for two kinds of proposals: 

  • EXPLORATORY — Preliminary ideas and/or intensive proposals that have not been submitted to CCP
  • DEVELOPED — Intensive proposals that have been submitted to and/or approved by CCP

Once we receive your proposal, we will send you a budget sheet to complete or help you develop a budget.

You can receive funding for: Travel, Conferences, Registration fees, Workshops and Trainings, Honoraria for guest speakers, Course materials and Supplies, Research materials, Faculty stipend for intensive development work done during the summer, Student stipend for student to work in collaboration with the Community Fellows program.  

Amount of funding:  Past funding requests have ranged from $500 – $ 6000. Faculty stipend for intensive work over the summer is $1000. Allocation of funds depends partly on the number of proposals received.


Ready to share your idea?

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Or, keep reading below to learn more about what information we’ll need depending on your proposal type.


(Rolling deadline)

1. Basic Information (Name, Department, Phone #)

2. Exploratory CEIH idea:

  • Please briefly describe your idea
  • To which thematic cluster(s) do you see this idea as belonging? (you may select more than one) 
    •  Public Health
    •  Criminal Justice
    •  Urban Planning
    •  Civic Engagement
    •  Education/Literacy
    •  Environment, farming, sustainability
    •  Immigration and forced displacement
    •  Grantsmanship, fund-raising, non-profits
    •  Social Justice
    •  Public Art
    •  Other 

 3. What kind of work will you be focusing on:

  • Developing Partnerships
  •  Pedagogical/ Curricular innovation/ Professional development
  • Exploration of Ideas
  • Course development
  • Other

4. If you would like to work with a Summer Community Fellow and already have a connection with a community partner/s please list the community partner. Alternatively, please describe or list the kinds of community partners that you might have in mind. 

5. For what purposes are you requesting funds? 

  • Faculty stipend for Intensive development work done during the summer
  • Stipend for a Summer Community Fellow
  • Stipend for a summer research assistant/ collaborator  (not community fellow)
  •  Travel, conferences, registration fees, workshops, honoraria for guest speakers, etc.
  •  Research materials



(Rolling deadline)

1.Basic Information (Name, Department, Phone #)

  • Intensive Details (Brief Intensive Description, Intensive Title, Academic Year and Semester)
    • Please describe where you are in the process of developing this intensive:
      • I’ve submitted this to CCP
      • This has been approved by CCP
      • This proposal has been presented to my department chair as part of the staffing plan for the proposed semester
      •  Other
    • To which thematic cluster(s) do you see this intensive as belonging? (you may select more than one)
      • Public Health
      • Criminal Justice
      • Urban Planning
      • Civic Engagement
      • Education/Literacy
      • Environment, farming, sustainability
      • Immigration and forced displacement
      • Grantsmanship, fund-raising, non-profits
      • Social Justice
      • Public Art
      • Other

2. Community Partner Information: Please complete if you have a community partner(s) in mind? Community Partner Information: Please complete if you have a community partner(s) in mind?

  • How does the intensive address a community need?
  • How were these needs identified?
  • How do you envision the partner organization will engage with you and the students? 
  • Please describe the kinds of organizations you would like to partner with for this intensive.

3. Budget

  •  For what purposes are you requesting funds? 
    • Faculty stipend for intensive development work during the summer
    • Travel, conferences, and trainings, workshops, honoraria for guest speakers, etc.
    • Supplies and other curricular costs
    • Other
  • Have you requested funds for this intensive from any other source? 
  • If you answered yes to the previous question, please list the alternative funding source(s) you have contacted.
  • Do you have an idea of how much funding you are requesting? 
    • If yes, we will send you a budget worksheet to complete once your proposal has been received. The worksheet will include the following line items: faculty intensive development stipends, guest speaker honoraria, travel and lodging, conference fees, workshop and registration fees, materials & supplies.
    • If no, please contact Elizabeth Cannon (