Project Proposal: Diffraction Symmetries of C. elegans

The C. elegans nematode is a common subject of biological studies, and has become more and more popular in physics research. I intend to find the diffraction patterns generated by the worms’ shape and log the findings into a Symmetries Library (with the eventual goal of using Group Theory to get the worm shape directly from a diffraction image).

The shape of the worm (photos to be taken with a microscope) will correspond to a particular diffraction pattern. I will model the Fraunhoufer diffraction patterns (Far-Field diffraction) of the electromagnetic waves (light waves) by generating images with Mathematica using the Fourier Transforms. The idea is that $\left | Fourier Transform | \right ^2 $ = the diffraction pattern. This project is a study of the behaviors of light waves.

I will eventually be keeping a log of my findings on the already existing website, the Diffraction Symmetries Library.


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