Quantum Mechanics (Phys 320) and Optics (Phys 375)

A page to develop and share experimental and modeling tools.  Here is an example of a Mathematica file for solving and modeling an infinite square well and modeling a simple harmonic oscillator:  Quantum Wells.

Student projects may include:

  • Modeling the diffraction patterns of living systems.
  • Modeling artistic systems.
  • Modeling TEM modes.

Quantum Buzz

Check out the Quantum Buzz for conceptual guidance.


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  1. Lentile de contact

    A possibility is to use a glass lens to create this effect. Glass lenses have a front active surface and a back active surface. Further the optical properties in these surfaces are not spatially uniform. A cylinder symmetrical lens suffers from Seidel aberrations and chromatic aberrations. This Fourier transform characterises the optical properties of the lens. It is called the Optical Transfer Function (OTF).

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