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Energy consumption of Irene’s room

The energy consumption of my room turned out to be less than I thought. As expected, the refrigerator took up a large amount of my overall consumption. I was surprised at how little power my computer ended up using as I waited for the Watt’s Up Pro’s value to level out. One thing that surprised me was that the power strip and my chargers did not show a reading when tested while not in use. I had thought that the lights on the power strip and charger may have used some energy, but I guess the amount is negligible.

An interesting thing to note is how the wattage appeared to change when measurements using the Watts Up Pro were taken from devices plugged directly into the Watts Up versus when the values were taken from the power strip connected to the wall. In addition to this preliminary data, I will be recording how long I am using these appliances over the next 3 days to determine my average energy consumption.

Appliance Wattage Notes
laptop 21-22 Increased from average of 17-22W after extended use, high 43 when turned on
phone charger 4.1
alarm clock 1.1
phone + power strip 4.7
laptop + powerstrip 23-24 Started at 32, slowly decreasing, flatlines around 23-24
laptop+ phone+powerstrip 26.9
fan- high setting 30
fan-low setting 20.1
fan-medium setting 23.5
fridge 283 Slowly decreasing over time
camera charger 3.5
camera + powerstrip 3.9