Project Plan

For our project, we each found and investigated a youtube video that involved flames/candles/household objects in a “science” experiment.

We then each prepared a scripts for our section on the video investigation of these videos. We took turns filming so that everyone would have an equal part in putting the project together. We are also going to work cooperatively in the final editing of the video, which is taking place now.

The science we are exploring involves properties of household objects that are surprising and we go into brief detail about the specifics in the video.

We collected our “data” on Monday the  18, and we had met twice in the preceding week to discuss our project and the videos that we each found.

We expected that maybe one of the videos would work, but we were surprised by the outcomes that we found. We expected that some of the videos must have been the research of camera trickery, but it seems that science videos on youtube may be more than just tricks.

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