Group 6 Project Script/Outline

Video time length estimate: approximately 5-6 minutes

Equipment used: Wattsup Pro, video camera

  • Introduction
  • Three scientists in the lab in white lab coats
  • Introduce show title: “Modern Technology Misconceptions Mythbusted”
  • Danyelle + self introduction
  • Maliha introduction
  • Michael introduction
  • “Nowadays, the average student has many misconceptions about modern technology… our goal today here is to debunk some of these myths… first, let’s see what it is kids are really thinking…”
  • Maliha
  • Myth 1 (Danyelle in charge of asking 5 people- by Thursday): [Insert clip of students answering myth question (Ex: What saves more energy: turning off your laptop after each use or keeping it on sleep mode during non-use?”)]
  • Conduct experiment using Wattsup Pro to find out which option uses the least amount of kilowatts
  • Recorded in lab
  • Myth 2 (Michael in charge of asking 5 people- by Thursday): ask students “Why do you think flight attendants ask passengers to shut off electronic equipment during take off and landing?”
  • [Insert clip of students answering question]
  • With research we will answer the above question
  • [Insert re-enacted clip of plane crashing using props] & [Insert clip of phone being off and plane flying normally]
  • [Insert clip of “scientist” explaining science behind each scene and illustrating on whiteboard what can go wrong/where it goes wrong]
  • Source list
  • Myth 3 (Maliha in charge of asking 5 people- by Thursday): ask students “Do you think string lights use a greater amount of energy than a regular light bulb?”
  • [Insert clip of students answering question]
  • [Insert clip using Wattsup Pro to experiment on different strands of lights in different dorm rooms and different lamps]
  • Conclude myth
  • Conclusion
  • Figure the percent of students that answered the questions correctly and display results


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