Outline of HAARP Project

Storyboard of animation: HAARP facility creating aurora with ELF radio waves

  1. The Array sends out a signal
    1. the individual antenna in the array cause electrons to oscillate, and generate a wave
    2. the waves from the array actually make the ionosphere into an antenna, creating an ELF wave (can reach 100 km wavelength)
  2. The wave hits ions in the ionosphere
    1. the ionosphere is around 100 km in altitude
    2. it contains ions of primarily oxygen, but also hydrogen and nitrogen
    3. the wave hits an ion, giving it a higher energy
    4. the ion joins with a normal oxygen, bumping its energy up, making O(1D)
    5. the oxygen relaxes back to its normal state, and a photon is created!
    6. It’ll be in the wavelength 630 nanometers, which is visible to the eye as a green light!

Preliminary animation models

HAARP antenna (reference: http://uforeview.tripod.com/cjimages/haarp.jpg)

Oxygen molecule

HAARP and Radio Frequency

  • HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) can produce 3600 kW of radio frequency (RF) power.
  • As its name implies, HAARP can generate high frequency waves, HF, up to 10 MHz.
  • HAARP can also be to generate extremely low frequency (ELF 3-30 Hz) and very low frequency (VLF 3-30 kHz) waves through a process called modulated heating.
  • Regardless of the frequency, HAARP, in conjunction with the ionosphere and magnetosphere, can direct RF to remote areas around the world.
  • Because of this phenomenon, the Department of Defense is particularly interested in HAARP’s potential for improving communication technology.

HAARP and Conspiracies

  • HAARP has been the target of many conspiracy theorists who believe that it has been used for weather modification, specifically for generating earthquakes.
  • These ideas are present in the media and have been even reinforced by note-worthy sources. Of course, there are also many sources that are far from the truth.
  • The underlying idea of the conspiracy is that HAARP focuses radio waves at a selected location, matches the resonant frequency of the earth (speculated by Tesla to be 8 Hz), which builds up stress, and causes the tectonic plates to grind against each other, resulting in an earthquake.
  • This idea has been supported by evidence such as ELF wave and ionospheric anomalies before major earthquakes.

HAARP and Earthquakes

  • HAARP can produce an aurora borealis effect by directing HF waves at the ionosphere.
  • People have observed strange lights in the sky that resemble what HAARP does right before major earthquakes. As a result, some people perceived a cause-and-effect relationship and believe that HAARP is responsible for the earthquake.
  • This argument, however, is a logical fallacy. The ELF wave and ionospheric anomalies that precede the earthquake are not caused by HAARP, but by the earthquake.
  • Furthermore, the RF frequencies are not powerful enough to induce earthquakes and the changes in the ionosphere do not affect the weather.

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