Slipping into Powered Armor

After discussing our goals for our project, we established that the central three aspects of our research will be media, technology, and current research.  All of us will contribute to these three aspects, but each of us will oversee one of them.

Gary will oversee media portrayals, where we will consider questions like:

What various forms of powered armor have been introduced so far in movies and video games?

What proposed or current technology do they run on?

How feasible are they?

How practical are they in the real world?

Nick will oversee necessary technology, where we will all have to collaborate to answer many questions like:

What power sources, materials, and UI’s (user interfaces) are or might become available to us?

How efficient are the power sources?

How long do they last / how often must they recharge?

How heavy are they?

What are the primary deciding factors for the materials in different environments – Weight?  Cost?  Durability and resistance to wear?

What UI’s are best for various applications?  If the driving mechanism is perception and amplification of the user’s motions, how can we control responsiveness?

Sean will oversee current research and development, which will provide hints as to:

What types of exoskeletons have we built so far?  What technologies have we employed in them?

What priorities seem to govern our progress with exoskeletons – military, medical, construction, or something else?

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