Group 3 Project Plan

For our project, we will be examining a possible relationship between the energy used by a cellular phone and the radiation that it emits while in use. To gather our data, we will be using Watts Up Pro and an RF meter to measure the microwave radiation generated by electric currents within the phone. In order to obtain a statistically significant sample, we will be testing roughly ten to fifteen phones of different models. This will also allow us to see if a phone’s make and model are related to the amount of radiation it emits. The testing will take place in the Retreat on Tuesday, November 15, and Wednesday, November 16, at 3 pm. This data will be gathered as a group, and we will then split up the remaining work amongst ourselves. For example, I will be responsible to creating the music and lyrics for the creative aspect of the project, while Ali will handle the graphics and Sam will present our results and conclusions. Our expected outcome is that the more energy that a phone uses, the more radiation it will emit.