Technology Workshops Fall 2019

Technology Workshops Fall 2019

Moodle Basics 

Sept. 6, 2019 Library Electronic Classroom 10:00 am 

 moodle iconFor new or returning faculty: Learn or review the basic operations of Moodle, including adding content of different types; adding special activities such as assignments, discussion forums, and attendance tracking; emailing students; and managing enrollments. RSVP to Friday Sept. 6 10am in the Library Classroom.


Faculty Open House in the Vassar Innovation Lab

Sept 6, 2019, Vassar Innovation Lab  2-5 pm

What if you could use a laser to cut through solid materials?makerspace door Or fly for miles without leaving the ground? What would you do with these powers? In our maker space, we have the tools to grant you these abilities, but we need your ideas to bring them to life. Come explore the world of maker technology, including laser cutters, 3D printers, drones, virtual reality, and more. Drop in any time after 2:00 on Friday, Sept. 6. (adjacent to the Old Bookstore). 


Save Today So History is Not Rewritten Tomorrow 

Sept. 25, 2019,  Library Electronic Classroom 3:30 pm

page not found by Image: Freepik.comAttendees will be encouraged to pick a theme and curate websites that are at risk and relevant to them personally. Student groups are welcome to come and save data that is important to your work. The goal of this workshop is to inform attendees in a very personal and hands-on way the fragility of data and the digital world as you know it. It will provide you with the tools to not only preserve but to also curate a moment in time. 

This workshop will provide an introduction to tools such as Archive-It and will use Google Sheets during the hands-on session. Contact Nicole H. Scalessa, Head of Digital Scholarship and Technology Services for more information,


Into to Campus Audio Resources 

October 9, 2019 Library Electronic Classroom 3:30 pm

Chicago Hall Audio Recording in progressPlanning to record voice or music and you have never done it before? Interested in podcasting? Perhaps you have an interview you need to edit and share? We’ll review free and cross platform tools and review resources for audio production. We’ll conclude by visiting the audio production facilities in the basement of Chicago Hall. Led by Baynard Bailey of Academic Computing Services. Please rsvp to (suggested but not required).


Intro to Adobe Premiere

October 16, 2019 Library Electronic Classroom 3:30 pm

Interested in learning to edit video with a powerful and popular software suite? Come to this hands-on workshop where you will learn to use Adobe Premiere Pro. Led by Baynard Bailey of Academic Computing Services. Please rsvp to (suggested but not required).

Linux Penguin


Intro to Linux Part I

Nov. 1, 2019  Sci Vis Lab, Bridge Building 3:30 pm

Linux is an open-source operating system that can run on any computing device in the world! Come learn how to get started exploring the Linux world on your very own laptop, or use one of our computers. We’ll learn a brief history of Linux, look at the high-level structure of the operating system, talk about situations in which Linux would be a preferable OS, and start navigating the command line ourselves. We will go over common commands and how to navigate the file system, learn about permissions, shortcuts, and methods of installing software. Led by Chris Gahn of ACS. Please rsvp to (suggested but not required)

Intro to Linux Part II

Nov. 8, 2019  Sci Vis Lab, Bridge Building 3:30 pm

Part II of the Intro to Linux Workshop will pick up where Part I left off. We will become more comfortable with navigating the command line, and introduce several new commands and programs. Finally, we will attempt to create our own Shell Script to perform some automated tasks. Led by Chris Gahn of ACS. Please rsvp to (suggested but not required).”


Intro to Photographic Resources

Nov. 13, 2019 Library Electronic Classroom 3:30 pm

Need to put together your senior portfolio? Want to submit work to galleries or other exhibition calls for entry? Interested in stop-motion animation? Come to this workshop and learn about all the photographic and stop-motion filmmaking resources available to you on campus. Organized by DiSSCo, Led by Amy Laughlin of Academic Computing Services.  Please rsvp to (suggested but not required).

Start Mapping with QGIS

Nov. 15, 2019 Sci Vis Lab Bridge Building 3:30

QGIS is a free and beginner-friendly way to start mapping with GIS (Geographic Information System). In this workshop we’ll learn how to find spatial data common to historical and social science research, and visualize it with QGIS mapping. No previous experience necessary. Taught by Carolyn Moritz, Digital Technologies Librarian.




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