About Academic Computing Services

Mission Statement (2009):

Academic Computing Services provides leadership and expertise in instructional technologies for Vassar College. ACS works with Vassar faculty, students and other college constituencies towards the purposeful integration of digital technologies and new media into the college curriculum.

Academic Computing Services is committed to:
– Consulting with faculty members about instructional technology needs
– Collaborating with faculty members on curricular design and scholarly work
– Providing instruction on the use of technologies for teaching and learning
– Managing the design, production and assessment of long term academic projects
– Exploring and promoting best practices for teaching with technology
– Advocating for faculty needs within Computing and Information Services

Vision Statement: the long-term impact of accomplishing our mission (2011):

Building on Vassar’s tradition of teaching and learning in an intimate setting, as well as its important focus on interdisciplinary connections, learning technologies will increasingly enhance the rich academic experience of the college community.

We envision a future in which the process of curricular development at Vassar takes place as a collaboration among faculty, educational technologists, librarians, and pedagogy specialists. As learning technologies become widespread, the effort of identifying, implementing, and assessing the purposeful use of these tools will require the involvement of all participants. This approach will help create a campus culture of sharing and cooperation.

Digital technologies are transforming the nature of scholarly work in a fundamental way. Recognizing this, educational technologists will focus on developing a high level of digital literacy in our academic community, particularly the ability to create, share and evaluate information using learning technologies.

By fostering the use of tools and practices that suit the liberal arts paradigm, Vassar will become a model for the integration of technology and education.


Recent Posts

Live Captioning in a Powerpoint Presentation

The current version of Powerpoint* includes a great accessibility feature: it will automatically transcribe your spoken remarks in real time, displayed as subtitles, while you give your presentation. If you give slide presentations, this is a great function for making your lectures more accessible– for the hearing-impaired, but also for non-native English-speaking students.

Here’s a short demonstration. (Remember, these subtitles were machine-generated in real-time, as I spoke.)

The live subtitling function can also do language translations. You can choose the language that the speaker will be using: Chinese, American, Canadian or British English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, or Spanish. You can then choose the language in which your subtitles will appear, from a list of more than 60 languages.

Here’s the same demonstration, but with French chosen as the subtitle language:

* Real-time subtitling is available only with the Powerpoint component of the desktop version of Microsoft 365. It is not available in Microsoft Office (the predecessor of Microsoft 365) and it is not available in the web-based version of Microsoft 365. Please contact the Vassar Service Desk if you need help installing Microsoft 365 on your device.

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