About Academic Computing Services

Mission Statement (2009):

Academic Computing Services provides leadership and expertise in instructional technologies for Vassar College. ACS works with Vassar faculty, students and other college constituencies towards the purposeful integration of digital technologies and new media into the college curriculum.

Academic Computing Services is committed to:
– Consulting with faculty members about instructional technology needs
– Collaborating with faculty members on curricular design and scholarly work
– Providing instruction on the use of technologies for teaching and learning
– Managing the design, production and assessment of long term academic projects
– Exploring and promoting best practices for teaching with technology
– Advocating for faculty needs within Computing and Information Services

Vision Statement: the long-term impact of accomplishing our mission (2011):

Building on Vassar’s tradition of teaching and learning in an intimate setting, as well as its important focus on interdisciplinary connections, learning technologies will increasingly enhance the rich academic experience of the college community.

We envision a future in which the process of curricular development at Vassar takes place as a collaboration among faculty, educational technologists, librarians, and pedagogy specialists. As learning technologies become widespread, the effort of identifying, implementing, and assessing the purposeful use of these tools will require the involvement of all participants. This approach will help create a campus culture of sharing and cooperation.

Digital technologies are transforming the nature of scholarly work in a fundamental way. Recognizing this, educational technologists will focus on developing a high level of digital literacy in our academic community, particularly the ability to create, share and evaluate information using learning technologies.

By fostering the use of tools and practices that suit the liberal arts paradigm, Vassar will become a model for the integration of technology and education.


Recent Posts

Technology Workshops Fall 2021

tinkercad by Flickr Arbol de Navidad con Tinkercad

Intro to 3D Modeling

Wednesday, October 6, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm,  Main Library Electronic Classroom

Learn the basics of 3D modelling for 3D printing, game design, and animation. Participants will engage in hands-on work in Tinkercad to create their own 3D objects. 3D models created in this class can be used in the Intro to 3D Printing course the following week. Led by Chad Fust of Academic Computing Services.

panopto logo

Faculty Workshop: Panopto

Friday, October 8, 2021 9:30 am – 11:00 https://vassar.zoom.us/j/93321996248?pwd=ZElvL0p0ckNxWUF0dkJqa1hML1J2QT09

Panopto is Vassar’s new streaming media platform for educators. Instructors will learn how to upload, manage, and access video files, record themselves, insert comprehension questions into videos, and use simple editing tools. Led by Steve Taylor of Academic Computing Services

3d printer creative commons

Intro to 3D Printing 

Wednesday, October 13, Innovation Lab 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Learn the software and tools involved in 3D printing and see how 3D printers work. Participants will learn the workflows involved in sending print jobs to the 3D printers in the Innovation Lab. Bring your own 3D models from the Intro to 3D Modeling class or learn how to find 3D objects online. Led by Chad Fust of Academic Computing Services.

discord logo smiley face on a game controller

Discord Workshop

Wednesday, October 20, 3:30 – 4:30  Zoom : https://vassar.zoom.us/j/9174731734

Discord is a video conferencing, instant messaging and digital distribution platform that has risen in popularity. Discord makes real-time and asynchronous communicating and filesharing easier than ever. Many professors have have been using Discord as a tool to facilitate discussions inside and outside of the classroom. We will cover the basics of setting up a chat server for your class, and share best practices for cultivating a digital community. Led by Karly Andreassen of Academic Computing Services. Calendar Link

Capital I Lowercase D adobe indesign logo

Introduction to Adobe InDesign 10/27

Wednesday, 3:30 – 4:30 pm, Sci Vis Lab (BLS 101)

Adobe InDesign is a multi page design program – suited for creating e-books, portfolios, and magazines. In this workshop we will cover the basics of document creation as well as some graphic design principles to keep in mind when editing digital and print publications. Participants will start their own zine and learn how to access Adobe software on campus for their own projects. Led by Karly Andreassen of Academic Computing Services. Calendar Link

Intro to Stop-Motion Animation 

Friday, November 5, 1:00 – 2:30, Taylor Hall 318

Interested in Stop-motion animation? Come learn about Dragonframe animation software. Discover how to access campus resources such as cameras and studio space available to you to make your stop-motion film. During this workshop I will be showing some stop-motion examples and demonstrating the basics of starting a project in Dragonframe. Please email Amy Laughlin (amlaughlin@vassar.edu) to reserve a space in the class. 

Chicago Hall Audio Recording in progress

Intro to Audio Recording and Campus Resources

Wednesday, November 10, 3:30 pm Main Library Electronic Classroom

Planning to record voice or music and you have never done it before? Interested in podcasting? Perhaps you have an interview you need to edit and share? We’ll review free and cross-platform tools and review resources for audio production. We’ll conclude by visiting the audio production facilities in the basement of Chicago Hall. Led by Baynard Bailey of Academic Computing Services.

crane building a web page free image from pixabay

Campus Resources for Building Websites

Friday November 12, 9:30 – 10:30 Zoom Link

Need a website? Before you pay for hosting and support off-campus, let’s review the resources you have available to you as a member of the Vassar Community. We’ll provide an overview of Google Sites, pages.vassar.edu, and our new resource : vassarspaces.net – where we empower users to become sys admins and install their own apps (WordPress, Scalar, Omeka and more!). Led by Baynard Bailey of Academic Computing Services and Nicole Scalessa of Digital Scholarship and Technology Services.

Final Cut Pro icon, desktop and camera

Intro to Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X

Wednesday, December 1, 3:30 pm Electronic Classroom, Main Library

Interested in learning video editing or recording a narrated presentation? Come to this hands-on workshop where you will learn to use Apple’s powerful but easy to use video editing software. Led by Baynard Bailey of Academic Computing Services.

omeka logo

Intro to Omeka

Monday, December 6, 3:30 pm Electronic Classroom, Main Library

Omeka is a free, open-source content management system for online digital collections that allows users to publish and exhibit scholarly collections and cultural heritage objects. The Vassar College Digital Scholarship Services Collaboration (DiSSCo) provides a web hosting resource called vassarspaces.net. This service, a Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) product, provides the flexibility for anyone in our academic community to build websites on a variety of platforms, including Omeka. This workshop will begin with the basics of creating an account and installing Omeka and its associated plugins. The most useful plugins and best practices for their use will be covered along with theming and site customization.
Led by Nicole Scalessa of Digital Scholarship and Technology Services

https://libcal.vassar.edu/calendar/mainlibrary/omeka01 (registration)

omeka collection from https://www.flickr.com/photos/omeka/3019932780

Building Collections in Omeka

Wednesday, December 8, 3:30 pm Electronic Classroom, Main Library

Omeka is a free, open-source content management system for online digital collections that allows users to publish and exhibit scholarly collections and cultural heritage objects. This workshop will delve into the fundamental aspects of digital literacy necessary for a successful digital archival resource. Students will learn concepts related to communities of practice, documentation, metadata, file formats, standards, and copyright concerns. We will conclude with a review of site management and digital preservation best practices.
Led by Nicole Scalessa of Digital Scholarship and Technology Services

https://libcal.vassar.edu/calendar/mainlibrary/omeka02 (Registration)

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