Field Research and Digital Publishing in the Hudson Valley

Interview with Leonard Nevarez

Prof. Leonard Nevarez, of the Sociology department and the Urban Studies and Environmental Studies programs, talks about his course “Field Experiences in the Hudson Valley,” in which students use various technologies— photography, blogging, tweeting, and Wikipedia publishing, as they learn about the region surrounding Vassar College.  (6:38)

Technology on the Squash Court

Interview with Jane Parker
Jane Parker, Head Squash Coach, demonstrates how she uses technology to aid her coaching: by projecting videorecordings model squash playing on the front wall of the court, and by recording athletes’ performances on an iPad, for immediate playback and analysis. (3:56)

Google Apps for Education

Interview with Marc L. Smith and Jodi Schwarz
Profs. Jodi Schwarz of the Biology department and Marc Smith of the Computer Science department, discuss their use of Google Apps for Education in their course on Bioinformatics. They’ve created a course website using Google Sites, with links to course documents, articles, and presentations in Google Drive. Students share materials that they create in their collaborative groups. (4:20)

Field Research and Mobile Mapping

Interview with April Beisaw
Prof. April Beisaw, from the Anthropology department, talks about he she gets her Introduction to Archaeology students to “do archaeology,” using handheld GPS units in the field. Students photograph artifacts in the field and embed location data into the photos, and have a record of exactly where they surveyed. (3:60)

Online Commentary with WordPress

Interview with Bert Lott
Prof. Bert Lott, from the Greek & Roman Studies department, talks about an online commentary system that he uses in his Latin courses. His students are directed to add marginalia to an online edition of a classical text, and to comment on each others’ entries. (3:07)

iBooks and Technology in the Classroom

Interview with Cindy Schwarz
Prof. Cindy Schwarz, of the Physics & Astronomy Department, describes how she used the iBooks Author software to create an interactive, electronic edition of a children’s book she had published earlier, and discusses how the technology could be used at the college level. (2:53)