Announcing the Vassar Innovation Lab!

New in fall 2019, the Vassar Innovation Lab is a multidisciplinary maker space. It’s open to all students and has a variety of tools for creating and exploring. We will have tours and workshops to acquaint you with the various devices available, or you can just come to tinker and learn as you go.

Some of the tools available for you to use include:

  • Laser cutter/engraver: Create a digital design and send it to this device to have it cut or engrave on wood, acrylic, cardboard, paper, leather, or other materials!
  • 3D printers: Download one of the thousands of designs available online or design your own object to be created in plastic.
  • Sewing machine: Are you an avid seamstress/seamster, but had to leave your machine at home? Come use our Singer heavy duty sewing machine– you can even borrow it!
  • Vinyl cutter: Create a digital design and send it to this device to create signs, stickers, or t-shirt iron-ons. Customize your laptop, water bottle or coffee cup! We even have a heat press for transferring your vinyl cutting onto your t-shirt!
  • Cricut MakerĀ®: An easy-to-use tool for making all kinds of crafts materials.
  • Virtual Reality: The Innovation lab has a special alcove devoted to experiencing cool virtual environments– put on some goggles and take a trip!
  • Come talk to us about the use of our drone for your aerial photography or video ideas!

Visit the lab in the basement of the College Center, or contact Amy Laughlin about projects you’d like to pursue.