Project Plan: Modeling Electric and Magnetic Fields

What will be modeled:

I will be modeling the electric fields of a bar magnet, cylinder and sphere. The derivations of the field geometries will be shown in a step by step process and then will be modeled with Mathematica. More complex systems taken from examples in Introduction to Electrodynamics may be used an modeled as well, time permitting.


April 7-April 14: Complete project proposal and begin derivations

April 14-April 21: Alter project proposal as needed and completed derivations

April 21- April 28: Post derivations and begin Mathematica modeling

April 28-May 5: Final Mathematica modeling and combination with Cedric’s Modeling


I will be working with Cedric Chang who will derive and model the magnetic fields of the same objects that I model the electric fields of. At the end, both of our models will be combined to display both electric and magnetic fields of the shapes in question.


Introduction to Electrodynamics by David J. Griffiths, Third Edition


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