Project Proposal: Measuring and Modeling Physical RCL Circuits.

This project is based on an initial interest in the RLC circuit lab in 114 where students put together parts of a radio and demonstrated how inductance and capacitance was used to tune a radio. My end goal is to compare measurements across components of a real RLC circuit (radio) to the ideal values one might expect to find based on equations from our textbook that model these circuits. I would begin with a simple LC circuit, maybe constructed out of components that would later be found in the radio circuit (or whatever components are available to make the simplest LC circuit I can make measurements on). I would collect data such as potential across various components. An important part of the analysis would be proposing possible/probable causes of any discrepancy between expected values and experimental values. I would use an oscilloscope to make the measurements. Ideally I would use a computer oscilloscope and a laptop and set up in room 203A.


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  1. Jenny MagnesJenny Magnes

    I am very interested in your data analysis, function fitting and error analysis in Mathematica. Consider consulting “Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences” by Philip R. Bevington as well as “EXPERIMENTATION An Introduction to Measurement and Experiment Design” by D. C. Baird.

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