Pro Tools – Voiceover Recording Basics

The finishing suite in Room 207  features a voiceover booth that is preconfigured for use with our Avid Pro Tools workstation.


  1. Open Pro Tools. It will prompt you to create or open a project. Select the VO_Template and name your project. Be sure that “Sample Rate” is 48kHz and the “Bit Depth” is 24-Bit. Finally, chose a location for the project. ProTools automatically creates its own folder structure. so all you have to do is chose where you want to save it.               
  2.  Pro Tools will open up to the “Edit Window”. This is where recording is done.  The template session comes with two audio tracks and a master fader track.
  3. The first thing to do after opening a session is to name your tracks. Double-click on any track name to change it.
  4. Next, set the track input. In the “I/O” section, click on the input labelled “Instrument” and chose “VO Booth”                                                                                       
  5. Now we can “Record Enable” the track. Protools will only record tracks that are record enabled.             
  6. To the right of the output channel labelled “1-2” there is a small fader icon, click this to open up the track fader and see a larger meter that is easier to read for setting levels.
    1. The green is your average level and the yellow hash mark above it is your peak level. Your peak level should be between -15 – 10 and average level should be between -30 -20. 

  7. It’s time to record. Press Command + Space Bar to start recording.
  8. To stop recording press the “Space Bar” a second time.

To learn how to bounce (export) your recorded files from Pro Tools, click here.

For more help, check out our Pro Tools Voice Over Setup video on YouTube