Film Festival Submissions


As student filmmakers, you want your work to be exhibited to the widest possible audience. Public screening of your film requires that it be “cleared”.                                     During pre-production be mindful about the music you consider using. It is strongly encouraged using original music that is scored specifically for your film or using music that is considered public domain or paying to use royalty free music. Also, be conscious of any logos, brand names, and trademarks that may appear in your films. Obtaining all the necessary clearances, waivers, rights and permissions before the completion of your film will save you a great amount of time and energy.


The Film Festival Submissions Program is designed to help film production majors entering into their senior year gain exposure to the industry. The Film Department has been offering this program since January 2007 and it has been extremely successful for those who have taken advantage of this excellent opportunity. Many student produced documentaries and narrative short films have been accepted into festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival, American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival, Palm Springs Int’l Short Film Festival and Woodstock Film Festival. This program is offered as a benefit for the film majors as well as to promote the Vassar College film program.


This experience allows for a great number of opportunities such as travel, introduction to a wide array of distribution companies, networking with industry and festival representatives, meeting fellow filmmakers, exhibiting your work in front of a large viewing audience, winning cash prizes and other awards, attending and/or participating on panels and seminars, creating press and promotion for your film, attending parties, and watching as many different movies as possible.


Your student film will be submitted by the Screening & Festival Supervisor, Geri Cosenza, who will determine how to best fit and submit your film into as many festivals as the budget will allow. As part of this program the film department will pay for all film festival entry fees while you are enrolled in the film program and up to one year after graduation. Please note you are also able to submit to festivals on your own and at your own expense at any time.  The film department will be allowed to post your work on the Vassar’s YouTube channels and/or webpages and across all of its social networking platforms. Please keep in mind, the Film Festival Submissions Program is a “perk” the film department offers to students, but our resources are limited. If you have any questions about film submissions, Ms. Cosenza is available on Wednesdays regarding any festival business.

To take advantage of the Film Festival Submissions Program and for additional information please contact Geri Cosenza directly at To make the most of the festival entry deadline dates, please submit the attached form and materials to Ms. Cosenza as soon as possible following your end of the semester class screenings.

Vassar Film Festival Submission Form