Screenplay Competition Submissions


Beginning in June 2016, the Film Department is offering any student who has completed a screenplay as part of Film-319 or a Senior Thesis the opportunity to participate in the Screenplay Competition Submissions Program. Students may submit only ONE time, after that, it will be up to the Film Department to see if we want to support any particular scripts for future submissions.

The Film Department has selected four screenplay competitions to choose from based on their deadlines and analysis reports.

Students may choose one competition out of the four listed below to submit to:

Academy Nicholl Fellowship      

Deadlines: March (early)/April (regular)/May (late)

Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay Competition

Deadlines: April (regular)/May (late)    


Deadlines: June (call for entries)/September (early)/October (regular)/November (late)


Deadlines: February-April (early)/ April-June (regular)/ June-July (late)

Eligibility for each competition will vary.

Submitted scripts must be original screenplays, and the sole property of the applicant(s).

All entries must be in PDF format.

The Film Department Screening Supervisor, Geri Cosenza, will enter all submissions.  If interested, please fill out the Screenplay Competition Submissions Forms and return them to Ms. Cosenza at

Vassar College Screenplay Competition Submission Form

Screenplay Submission Release Form