Ninth Annual Teaching and Technology Forum.
Vassar College
Thursday April 7, 2011

Off the Wall: The Frances Lehman Loeb Center Blog
Nicole Roylance (Loeb Center) (poster)

Developing an Online Multimedia Database of the Vassar College Costume Collection
Arden Kirkland (Drama) (poster)

The Queer of Color Glossary Project
Hiram Perez (English) , Sean Wehle (2013) (poster)

High Performance Computing for the Sciences
Marc Smith (Computer Science), Jodi Schwarz (Biology) (poster)

Native Narratives in Archaeology: a Tumblr Blog
Sara Gonzalez (Anthropology) (poster)

Blogging About Semiotics in WordPress
Saul Mercado (Anthropology) (poster)

VAST Stories in WordPress
Erin McCloskey (Education) (poster)

Viva and Bacteris: Blogging About the Small Stuff
David Esteban (Biology) (poster)

Memory Across Generations: an Oral History Project About Holocaust Memory
Silke von der Emde, Felix Dunker (German Studies) (poster)

Vassar Campus Sound Map
Nick Inzucchi (2011), Tom Porcello (Anthropology) (poster)

Learning in’s Online Training Library
Chad Fust (CIS)

Blogging the Chester Cycle
Dorothy Kim (English) (poster)

The Faculty Lounge Network: Online Campus Tools for the Vassar Community
Tobias Armborst (Art, Urban Studies), Willy Mann (2012), John McCartin (2011) (poster)

eBook readers: iPad 2 vs. Kindle
John Collier (CIS)